Hey there!

So…you probably came across this post because, well, you want to make a good carpet cleaner! And I mean..GOOD. Hey..I’ve got pictures 😉

So I’ve got this awesome carpet cleaning solution! And it’s HOMEMADE! And I want to share it with you guys.

You just need Borax, Washing Soda, Water, and Essential Oil (optional).

Borax and washing soda are best known as a laundry aids, but both make a great natural carpet cleaner. In addition to being free of phosphates and chlorine, they’re very affordable and readily available from your local store!

Spot Testing as a Precautionary Measure – Because…well…life.

There shouldn’t be any issues with your carpet cleaner at all. However, I don’t know exactly what material you’re wanting to clean. Like cowhide..I’m pretty sure that requires special cleaning. So, since I can’t give you a detailed list on what you can clean with this, doing a spot test in a small inconspicuous area is always a smart move before you begin cleaning (with anything really).

I’m not going into a long drawn out story on my cleaner because I hate scrolling to get to the good stuff. So here’s the bread & butter!

You need

½ cup borax

½ cup washing soda

1 gallon hot water

Essential oil (optional) – I use lemon eucalyptus because it smells SO clean!

borax carpet cleaner


Go ahead and mix your piping hot water with your borax and washing soda. Add as many drops of essential that you see fit (I used 20 drops). Mix until it’s completely dissolved!

While that’s cooling, vacuum your carpet or area rugs. Protect your furniture from water damage if necessary. I have area rugs so it’s a quick one and done process for me. But you may want to wrap your furniture legs in a wrap that is water proof. Like your great aunt Nelda’s coffee table you can’t part from.

Fill the shampooer’s solution compartment as directed using your borax solution.

Borax Washing Soda


Start shampooing the area you’re cleaning. (Tip: You want to work in small areas like 8×8 to ensure the solution doesn’t dry before you’re finished).



Once you’ve shampooed the area (it will not foam-no additives), turn the sprayer off and just let the brush on the shampooer (or vacuum) do the scrub work! Back and forth. Make sure that baby is good and scrubbed down!

LOOK AT THAT DIRT!!!! Geeze! The commercial cleaners I used to use have never gotten that much yuck out of my rugs. That’s just 1 rug!

borax cleaning solution

Okay so after it’s all scrubbed in, you let it air dry completely. Don’t use extra fans to speed it up. You want the borax solution to get in and get the dirty work done! Eat up all the junk.

Once the solution is completely dry, you go back over it with a vacuum!

Then put the vacuum away and do pretty little snow angels in your super clean carpet and get a good whiff of the essential oils (hello aromatherapy).

What do you use to clean your carpets?

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