It was 7 o’clock this morning. Okay..maybe 8…? More than likely 9am….

Time doesn’t matter. Whatever time it was, I was sound asleep. And it was one of those GOOD sleeps where nothing on your body hurts, you are SO asleep that you are not even dreaming! The room is cool and dark and there is a fan blowing…know what I mean? Oh it was so good!

My sweet little angel child of mine woke up before I did. Which does not happen often. But when it does, he makes sure to wake me with cuddles. The PERFECT alarm clock! Either that or he will crawl into bed with me and turn on Wild Kratts. Which is okay too.

A little back story on me. Aside from toddler cuddles, I do not like to be woken. IF someone is to wake me, they must do it gently. Do not turn the light on and do not turn the fan off. Barely tap my leg precisely two times and softly tell me to wake up. Then exactly 15 minutes later, repeat. No sooner than that! (I wish right?)

So this morning…

I am not sure what got into my sweet baby. I really do not know. He has had me completely confused these past few months. Threenager is real y’all! But this morning…

I am in my deep sleep. Cool breeze. Dark room.


I get the lights knocked out of me by a pint sized fist to the nose!!

Now what on earth would posses my child to do such a thing? My guess is pure temptation. I bet he stood by my bed and stared at me for 5 solid minutes contemplating this decision. We do not hit in this family. Slaps, punches, all of that is a “No No”. He knows this! Maybe he did not think I would wake up? That he could get away with it? I am not sure.

But the look on his face when I threw my covers back and hopped to my feet, unduplicable (trying to not get tickled writing this). I did not even have a transition period. I went straight from sleep to chasing down the little sour patch kid.

I am on his tail faster than a chicken on a june bug and we make it to his room. He jumps in his bed and throws his covers over him as if that makes him invisible. I jerk his covers back fully expecting to pop a Pull-Ups® butt.

Those covers come back and he jumps to his feet and wraps his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist and gives me the BIGGEST kiss of my life! He starts rubbing my head and saying, “Awww. Luh-yew!” “Awwww!!” And even more kisses.

What do you do?

What on earth is a mother to do in this exact moment in time when you are about to exercise your Proverbs 13:24 duty as a parent…and the little tike (knowing full well he is in trouble) starts loving on you?

I think the legit fear he felt running from my room to his room was enough punishment for him lol! Then to face me and hug and kiss me was pretty brave! Some might say that he was just playing me and I let him off easy. And that’s okay. Because I am his mommy. God assigned ME to this job. Not anyone else. I did let him know that what he did was not okay, in between the hugs. I did what I thought was appropriate at that moment in time.

Now would this be the right time to puff my chest and say to my threenager, “Come at me bro!”

Just curious…

Hey! I wanna hear your Threenager story! Tell me in the comments section 😊

My sweetest little tooter butt. Or..Threenager. Depending on what time of day.

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